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YMCA Benefit Program

YMCA Benefit Program Description

CSFPA and the YMCAs of Colorado have joined forces to offer this exciting benefit for foster children in placement with CSFPA's foster family members.  All YMCAs in Colorado are offering discounts for Y membership, sports/recs programs, and day camps.

As a CSFPA member with foster children in your home, you can receive a 50% off the fees for:
  • family and youth memberships, sports and recreational programs such as aquatics, baseball, gymnastics, etc.
  • summer day camps
  • summer resident camp for the following locations:
    • Camp Jackson: YMCA of Pueblo
    • Camp Chief Ouray: YMCA of the Rockies
    • Camp Santa Maria: YMCA of Boulder Valley
    • Camp Shady Brook: YMCA of Pikes Peak Region
Additionally, YMCA of the Rockies will offer lodging for individual families in the cabins, lodges, or campgrounds at the Snow Mountain Ranch facility at 50% of the normal rental rates.  This does not apply to group/conference bookings.  Any activity or program or service at Snow Mountain Ranch that does have additional fees, will be discounted at 50% as well (i.e., Nordic ski trails and climbing walls).  Programs provided by outside vendors will not be discounted (i.e., horse rentals, downhill ski rental, meals, etc.) as these are not provided by the YMCA.  Some supplies/activities may be excluded from the discount, so we suggest calling YMCA of the Rockies to confirm what discounts apply.

Click here to see a listing of all participating YMCAs in Colorado.

How do I obtain this benefit?

The steps are simple...

  1. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.
  2. Log in to this website.  Enter your email address and password in the upper-right.  Click Forgot Password if you do not know your website password.
  3. Fill out the YMCA Benefit Request Form.
  4. Enter your email address and CSFPA membership password.  If you are not a member or cannot remember your password, follow the instruction on the log-in page.
  5. Complete the form and click Submit.
  6. After verifying your membership, CSFPA will send you an authorization letter within 1-2 weeks of your request.
  7. Take the letter with you to register for classes and/or memberships at the YMCA of your choice.  They will then provide you with a member card or temporary card.
  8. Enjoy the wonderful activities, events, and recreation opportunities the YMCA has to offer - at a 50% discount!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can utilize these benefits?

The purpose of this benefit is to provide recreation, sports, and camp opportunities for foster children.

These benefits are provided to CSFPA member who are certified foster parents and have foster children currently in their home.  All children in your foster family including bio-children and adopted children can receive the benefits.  Please note that this benefit is not available to non-foster parent members, adopt-only families, or foster families that are not actively taking placements.

Can my biological children also use this benefit?

Yes, as an additional benefit, the discounts apply to both foster children, adopted, and biological children (less than 18 yr old) in the home.

Which YMCAs are participating in this benefit program?

All YMCAs of Colorado have agreed to participate in this program.  Please note that some benefits apply to certain YMCAs, i.e., discounted lodging, so please be sure to review all the benefits.  A complete list of the participating YMCAs of Colorado can be found here.

Exactly, what is the benefit?

The YMCAs of Colorado have agreed to provide a 50% discount for CSFPA foster families to be used towards:
  • Family and Youth Membership Fees
  • Youth Programs, including youth sports, aquatics and more
  • Summer Day Camps
  • Residential Summer Camps (select facilities)
  • Lodging at YMCAs of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch only.

What if I'm a foster parent but not a member of CSFPA?

In order to obtain this benefit, you must be a member of CSFPA and you must be a certified foster parent who is actively accepting placements.  If you are not a member of CSFPA, please refer to our "Membership" area on the website for information on membership in CSFPA.

What age can children begin participation in these programs?

You will need to refer to the YMCA's website for particulars about their programs and age requirements.  Each program has specific criteria for participation.  For example, the residential summer camp programs require children to be a minimum of 7 years of age.

Once I receive my authorization letter, how do I register for the programs?

Please take your authorization letter to the YMCA you have designated.  They will require you to fill out registration forms for their YMCA and class/program forms for each family member who will be participating - just like everyone else.  The only additional step is the CSFPA authorization letter - this letter is required in order to receive the benefit.

Is there a cancellation policy?

You will be required to adhere to the YMCA's cancellation policy.  Once you have enrolled in classes or membership programs, you will follow all policies of the YMCA regarding enrollment and participation, code of conduct, cancellation, etc. CSFPA does not manage the policies and procedures of the YMCA.

Who can answer my other questions?

If you have additional questions, please let the CSFPA office know by calling (720) 386-5400.  If there are suggestions you have, please let us know.  We're listening!
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