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Our Mission: To establish stable and committed families who are devoted to helping foster children acclimate in the world.

Providing a community of support for foster families, upholding the sense of family and belonging that foster children need!

Our hearts and homes are open to create a place where...

  • Foster families can be at their best
  • Children in the system can heal in a safe environment
  • Child welfare needs are being met at the state, regional, and national level

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Membership is open to foster, kinship and adoptive families.

Member Benefits:

  • 50% off YMCA Benefits for Foster Children
  • Free and Discounted Trainings
  • Advocacy, Resources and Support
  • Free Tutoring through our Learn to Be Partnership

Sponsorship is open to individuals,  families, organizations and businesses who have a heart to see reform in child welfare and directly impact foster children currently in the system

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Space Made for over 100 Kids

Sister Michael has Personally Opened Her Home to Over 100 Children 

“When you see the kids later, and you know, they’re happy and they’re healthy, then you know you’ve done the right thing.”

- Sister Michael Allegri; CSFPA President

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